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  Global HealthNet (GHN)  

Bringing Global Resources to U.S. Healthcare

What We Do:

Global HealthNet Inc. (GHN) offers novel solutions to selected U.S. health insurers and employer groups.  These solutions maintain or improve quality of healthcare while dramatically reducing costs.  This is achieved through a focused utilization of global resources by tapping centers of healthcare excellence for willing U.S. patients requiring major but commonly performed surgery.  Such procedures form a large part of direct healthcare expenses.  The selected centers must have a safety and quality record on par or better than their U.S. alternative.

Our Approach

After a short phase as consultants in the feasibility study, planning and preparatory stage, we transition into the implementation partner/agency for trials and full roll-out.  

Whom We Serve

We serve the largest health insurers (including CMS) or HMOs, and employer groups.  We may also work with other companies offering global health choices ("medical tourism") to individuals.

Due to economies of scale in savings as well as competitive considerations, we work with a limited set of large clients, and may enter into exclusive relationships.  We do not serve or solicit business from individual consumers.

Value Proposition 

We enable our health services clients in the U.S. as well as the health institutions in India, Mexico and Thailand to focus on their core business and operations while entering into mutually beneficial arrangements.  We handle the initial conceptual design, implementation, administrative arrangements and coordination functions while allowing clients access and full transparency into our activities.

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