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  Management Team  

Sandip S. Madan - President

Richard L. Nicholas - Executive Vice President, Patient Care

Ashok M. Bhawnani - Head of India Operations

Rajul Dalal, MD - Chief Medical Officer, India Operations

Carlos Zavala - Head of Mexico Operations


Management Profiles

Sandip S. Madan - President

Sandip is the President of Global HealthNet, Inc (GHN) since 2003.    He has led initiatives in healthcare, general management, finance and business development for 25 years.


His initial career in the Indian Administrative Service included roles as a city, local and state administrator.  His responsibilities encompassed medical emergencies, disaster management, healthcare funding and general management.  Sandip headed the Shimla Municipal Corporation with 1,100 employees that provided the city with public health, sanitation and other civic amenities.  Later, he funded state programs like healthcare and handled compensation issues of medical practitioners in the public sector.


He came to the US for doctoral studies and then joined The Boston Consulting Group where he led a variety of assignments in strategy, finance and business development.  He then joined as Director/ Senior Director of Corporate Strategy, first at BellSouth and then at IBM, where he led cross-disciplinary task forces in e-business, software platforms, telecom, and digital media including healthcare applications.   


He then founded Global HealthNet in 2003 and has been keenly plugged into the evolving medical tourism space.  He has addressed corporate healthcare needs through global options, and also helped some leading US based "retail" medical tourism companies to get established, grow and/or to secure outside funding.


Sandip has an MS in Physics from the University of Delhi, and an MBA and Ph.D. (Finance) from the University of Chicago.


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Richard L. Nicholas - Executive Vice President, Patient Care

Richard began his career as Vice-President of Denta-Chek, one of the first dental HMOs. A pioneer in prepaid dental plans, he was a contributing editor of the ADA's publication titled “On Capitation Dentistry”.
From 1980 through 1988, Richard was employed by Group Administration Services (GAS), one of the most successful TPAs on the East Coast.  In 1985, he became President of GAS and in 1988 he negotiated its sale to ALTA Health Strategies, Inc., then the nation's largest TPA. Subsequently, he served as Sr. Vice-President of ALTA and later became a consultant to organizations as diverse as CSC (where he headed their early TPA BPO business development initiative) and the American Healthcare Association (where he performed ERISA-based engagements under his company, Compliance Technologies, Inc.).
In 1990, he authored a book titled “Corporate Healthcare Cost Management Techniques” and lectured extensively on benefits topics, including at the annual meetings of the NAHU. He has testified as an expert on health benefits matters at hearings before the U. S. Congress where he represented some five million plan participants of dozens of large TPAs.  He has written articles for, and been quoted in, several publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, HR Horizons and Mexico Business.
From 1991 through 1994, Richard was employed by FHP International, Inc., then the fifth largest managed care organization in the U.S.  As Sr. Vice-President of FHP Administrators, Inc., he built a start-up project into a TPA that administered healthcare benefits for 50,000+ members within three years.  He was also Sr. Vice-President of UltraLink, Inc. (the first national HMO manager) and FHP’s Chief Consultant.
From 1994 to 1997, he was a consultant to insurers, HMOs and Fortune 500 corporations including Prudential, NYLCare, Xerox, UNYSIS, Kelly Services in areas as diverse as retiree healthcare benefits, TPA development, automated healthplan systems technology and 24-hour managed healthcare. 
In 1997, Richard founded TransBorder Resources de Mexico, Inc. (TBR) which developed and operated one of the largest and most sophisticated provider networks and benefits administration firms serving the cross-border, multi-national and Mexican domestic markets. TBR pioneered the use of provider interactive software to collect claims and clinical data at the point-of-care and transmit it to host computers for treatment approvals, etc. TBR was among the first organizations in México to employ managed care operating protocols such as provider credentialling, utilization review, codified regional fee schedules and the use of ICD-9 and CPT4 conventions. TBR's contracted and operated a network of thousands of providers in the 18-state region north of, and including, México City.
Most recently, Richard founded and was the President and CEO of International Claims Resources, Inc. and the Director General of its México-based subsidiary, E-Claims de México, S.A. de C.V. which processed claims for U.S.-based HMOs, TPAs, IPAs and health insurance companies by remote control via the Internet from offices located in México.
Richard holds a BA degree from Boston College ('76) and an MBA from Duke University ('78).

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Ashok M. Bhawnani,  Head of India Operations


Ashok brings to GHN’s Indian network his 30 years of experience and success in business operations, people management, customer care and sound financial practices.  He has a deep understanding of the Indian commercial, bureaucratic and business environment as well as the hospitality/travel industry, all of which play a big part in medical tourism.  


Ashok began his career in finance and business development at the Sun-n-Sand, one of Mumbai’s first 5 star hotels.  In a few years with escalating responsibilities he transformed the outlook of its management and laid the foundation for its spectacular growth from a single hotel to a chain of hotels, restaurants and fitness centers spanning several cities.


To set up his own business, he then established Hide-n–Chic, an up-market leather furniture designer and manufacturer that rapidly grew into a renowned brand in the furniture industry, with top architects and interior designers of India among its clientele.   Simultaneously, from 1982 till 1987 through family business commitments, he became actively involved in managing various companies dealing in textiles, steel and dyestuff intermediaries, of the Piramal Group, a leading Indian business conglomerate.


In 1987 he sold the now thriving Hide-n-Chic operations, and launched Omnitex Industries (India) ltd.  Omnitex, of which he is majority owner, Chairman and Managing Director, has grown into an established yarn-manufacturing unit.  It has 175 employees, $12M of annual revenues, sustained profitability and stable operations that have now enabled him to devote his energies to GHN. 


Ashok is a Commerce graduate of Calcutta University, and a Chartered Accountant (i.e., CPA, with Articleship under Price Waterhouse, Peat & Co., now Price Waterhouse Coopers). 


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Dr. Rajul R. Dalal, MD - Chief Medical Officer, India Operations


Rajul with his extensive knowledge and networks in relation to India’s elite health delivery system, heads GHN’s professional dealings with India’s top hospitals and doctors.  An experienced surgeon himself and healthcare manager with 20 years standing, he also oversees GHN’s quality control, medical and patient care aspects.


Rajul began his career in 1983 as an ophthalmic surgeon specializing in vitreoretinal surgery. His private practice in his own clinic and various hospitals in Bombay continues till date. During this tenure, besides clinical work he participated in various national and international conferences for academic advancement, and assumed leadership roles.  Ophthalmology being a machine intensive line, he became deeply involved in selecting and negotiating with manufacturers on behalf of private clinics and large hospitals.


In 1996 he was appointed Deputy Medical Director in Bombay City Eye Institute- one of the leading private eye hospitals of Mumbai.  During his tenure of 7 years, he set up efficient management systems for medical doctors in the institute. He was also instrumental in upgrading the quality systems culminating in the institute getting the ISO 9000/2000 quality standard, and setting up of satellite centers for the institute.


Since mid-2003, Rajul heads “Eye Associates”, a group of 50 eye surgeons, and negotiates on their behalf with TPAs and health insurance companies.


Rajul has a Masters in ophthalmic surgery (MD/MS) from Nair Hospital, Mumbai, fellowship in Retinal surgery from Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, and advanced surgical training from Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA.


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Carlos Zavala - Head of Mexico Operations

Carlos began his professional career as the Director of Administration at Grupo Zendo, S.C., one of México’s few integrated multi-specialty groups and outpatient surgical centers.  There, he negotiated contracts for Grupo Zendo to provide service to various commercial organizations including self-insured companies, U.S. and Mexican health insurers and managed care organizations.  He was also the founding administrator of Instituto de Radioterapia de Baja California, the region’s only cobalt-based radiology facility and a service provider to government, private and commercial payers.


In 1998, Carlos became the Vice President of Operations for Médicos México, S.A. de C.V., the Mexican operating unit of U.S.-based TransBorder Resources de Mexico, inc.  In this capacity, he headed the development of what soon became one of the largest and most sophisticated provider networks and benefits administration firms serving the cross-border, multi-national and Mexican domestic markets.  From offices located in Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara and México City, Carlos introduced managed care to thousands of network providers and facilities in the 18-state region north of, and including, México City.  Under his direction, the company conducted on-site studies and evaluations of local provider and facility resources and healthcare costs, developing one of the largest codified databases of regional healthcare cost data in México.  Carlos helped to develop and manage a network of dozens of state and local physician medical coordinators who performed utilization review and large case management functions that included negotiating fee arrangements for high-end procedures.


Carlos has advised México- and U.S.-based managed care organizations in their product development efforts. In 2001, he was engaged by a large border regional hospital to head the acquisition of state-of-the-art medical equipment aimed at advancing the facilities heart disease treatment capabilities.  The facility, which is world-renowned for its more than 40 years of pioneering work in alternative treatments for cancer, is now host to surgical teams from throughout México that utilize its resources to perform both routine and complex heart procedures.  Most recently, Carlos completed the development of a novel cross-border medical discount card program on behalf of a client that intends to distribute the program to U.S. and Mexican residents who wish to obtain their healthcare services in either the U.S. or México.  Carlos is currently also Consultant / Director of Business Development to Grupo Empresarial Angeles (GEA) Hospital in Tijuana

Carlos studied at México’s prestigious Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey where he earned a bachelor’s degree and at La Escuela del Pacifico where he took graduate courses in quality and healthcare services.


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